Do you want to support Zombies at the Zoo and Plumpton Park Zoo?


Look no further as a sponsor for Zombies at the Zoo you help both! Not only will a sponsorship help run the Zombies event, but it will reduce the costs of the event allowing for more proceeds to go towards

Plumpton Park Zoo and helping the zoo get through the winter.


Sponsorship Types:

1.) Monetary: A monetary donation of any amount to help us fund the event.

2.) Voluntary: A donation of you or your companies time to help with various aspects of the event.

3.) Supplies: A donation of supplies to help build or run the event, including food!


What do you get in return?

Depending on the amount of time or money donated we can offer marketing opportunities on our website, publications, sponsoring of scenes throughout the event, banners displayed in the waiting areas and on the hayride and more!


Please contact us if you wish to help or want more information.


Please click the attachment to download our Sponsorship form. Thank you!

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